Calvin deRuyter's Workshops
Participant's comments:

Thanks to Artist del Norte for a one day workshop with 15 wonderful students. Here are some of comments:

I appreciate your patience and ability to communicate solutions ot my problems. I'm encouraged to keep painting and finding my style.

Honestly there isn't one thing more that you ccould have done. I so enjoyed the class and your teaching style.

Loved the class -- very inspired -- would take another from you anytime!

It was a wonderful day of painting and art -- my real love that I have abandoned for too long. Brought me back to my childhood of going to art classes at the MIA and Lakeville Art Guild with my dad. I was glad to share today it today with my daughter.

Fabulous class. Learned a lot.

Excellent at explaining concepts instead of rules.

I liked when we would show him our work and he would give us constructive criticism about our painting, and I liked how he helped us make it better!

Thanks to everyone in Alexandria for yeet another 3 day workshop. Here are some of their comments:

"Dear Calvin, 'There are a lot of dead people in this world--they're just still walking around.' THANK YOU for being so alive and for sharing the joy of your work! Fabulous class!"

"Learned a lot -- thank you! Good critiques. I can't wait to take more risks with watercolor - YAH!"

"I love using all the colors, but need to do it more!"

"You were pretty clear about what you were doing, but I still don't have a clear idea of WHY colors were used at the intermediate stages. I still learned a lot at each of the sessions though. Thanks!"

"Instruction was great - very clear. Good, positive comments. Thanks for a great class."

"Mixture of a bit of lecture, handouts for background and color theory was helpful and interesting. Doing the little abstract in the morning of the second day really loosened us up and was fun!"

"I liked how open you were and not defensive. I liked how fun you were and gave permission to try different techniques and be loose! I felt comfortable. Thank you."

"I loved how he encouraged us in the use of color while being loose. He was always positive."

"Wonderful class. As a first timer, I came away inspired and feeling like I learned a lot! Thanks!!!"

Thanks to everyone in Alexandria for a 3 day workshop. Here are some of their comments:

"I liked the 3 days rather than 2 days. It was fun and helpful to 'paint along' with you. You were very good about answering questions and being willing to help us individually as well as when you where demonstrating. "

"Calvin is very nice and informative. His feedback was very helpful and given in an extremely kind manner. His focus on the painter painting their emotions and in their own unique way is very inspiring."

"Excellent and thank you. I loved all the new ideas, methods, etc. Calvin, you are so well versed. Comfortable in your method and willing to share everything. You have inspired me and I am anxious to play more with watercolor from the tube. The way you talked through your last demo was fabulous."

"Loved the experience you shared with us and was much more than expected. You are helpful and encouraging. I will remember this experience! Nice to come away with a challenge. Thank you."

"You could easily do a week. Very non-threatening. Excellent."

"Painting direct from the tube is wonderful. Let's hope I can focus on controlling color as I play with it. White is more challenging than I realized, but I love adding it to paintings. Wonderful. And thank you for the permissions to do and not do."

Thanks to everyone in Alexandria in July 2010 for a well-received 2 day workshop. Here are some of their comments:

"Loved the whole thing and made me want to go home and paint some more..."

"It was experimental but not threatening. The critique time was the most thorough and helpful of any I've been to!"

"Your critique comments were illuminating - specific but always kind. i loved devoting enough time to the critique. Some workshops are exhausting...this one was relaxing."

"I gained a whole new way of thinking regarding watercolor painting. Anxious to try painting more loosely. Would take the class again! Very inspirational. The critique at the end could have been shorter."

"Liked how easy Calvin made it seem -- so I could engage with each task. His humor was an important fun part. Give us permission to make mistakes when we tried new concepts."

"I am going home with a number of paintings that I like -- this is a first!"

Here are some comments from the 2 day workshop at Studio 321 in January 2010:

"Cal is FUN!"

"Glad you kept repeating 'it's only paper' to help me remember it!"

"Loved it AGAIN! And, thanks again for sharing your extraordinary talent."

For three years in a row I had been honored to be the workshop leader for full classes in Battle Lake MN that are sponsored by the Art of the Lakes. Here are some comments from the one, specifically "color and  texture" in July 2009 :

"Cal, you are most helpful. Each class I have learned and I think improved."

"I always look forward to Calvin's class -- good lectures, informative, inspiring and a lot of fun always. Always willing to share. Only suggestion, come back!"

"I absolutely love the class and I will drive 200 miles anytime to learn from you!"

"Thanks Calvin! It was fun, informative and very motivational. You do a great job at encouraging creativity."

"I didn't need to hear about the gauze and sponges, etc. because they're not 'Calvin' and everyone else does that bit! Very enjoyable time! Good critique."

"Your involvement as a teacher is positive and entertaining. I think you should allow students to take one each of your paintings home! SMILE

Here are some of the comments from the workshop at Hopkins Center for the Arts, sponsored by the Minnesota Watercolor Society:

"Class was entertaining: A rollicking good time! [If someone can’t have fun at your workshops, we better check for a pulse.]"

"You are a wonderful teacher, and you have the gift of preserving the joy in learning....You were so free with sharing your knowledge and you gave helpful criticism in a kind, non-threatening way.  Thanks for a great workshop!"

"So much fun I didn't want to quit."

"I enjoyed the class immensely. it stretched my creativity and color usage. I explored new colors, a new technique, and new subjects. Thank you."

 "Your attention to the class artists was impressive and helpful. You made yourself more available than most other workshops I have been at."

 "I loved the permission to break the rules and loved that you told us that having fun was a priority--to stop working and struggling--and have fun!"

These were some of the comments from my workshop in Hackensack MN:

"The critique period was made into a good learning experience!"

"I learned I don't have to be perfect with watercolors."

"I have never done anything before with painting, so actually gettting results was fun. Amazing what you can see in a piece of art. Imagination is a wonderful thing!"

"Very informative and helpful -- but not sure I'm free enough in painting -- I'm too rigid. But now I am motivated to continue experimenting."

"Great to take the workshop for the second time! I continue to learn more. I hope to practice throughout the coming 12 months."

"Excellent! Need to have you back for more. You were tireless -- encouraging and informative."

"It was totally fun -- I wouldn't change anything!"

"Loved losing the "rules" and exploring the freedom! Thanks!"

Some comments from previous workshops:

"Technique along with nurturing personality--a total package! Non threatening to beginning painters. Excellent experience and critique was very valuable!"

"Enjoyed the freedom of painting! You have a great way of communicating with us and it was easy to follow. Love the 'no rules' process! Thank you!"

"I'm bummed -- I thought it would be sooooo easy -- I want to take more lessons!"

"Very educational -- truly made people STRETCH and try new techniques. I appreciated the basic art instruction as well."

"This is my second Calvin workshop... I just may be becoming a "groupie"! Let's have more!! Fun Fun Fun"

"I wanted to try new techniques and while it may not have 'felt' comfortable, it got more so with each painting attempt. I did more work than other classes I've taken, and that is how one 'learns'!"

"Excellent therapy!"