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Recent large paintings (2 are acrylic, the rest watercolor):














These are 18 small 8"x10" paintings in the "Madeline" series, a study in color and texture relationships:










These are 16 small 8x10 paintings in the "Beatrice" series...a continuation of the color texture idea of the previous Madeline series, but with a slightly more complicated design:







These are small paintings--my first attempt at acrylics:








I continued working on small watercolor paintings (these are 8x10s), exploring color relationships of course, but many with extreme textural elements to increase visual interest on even a "minimal design" painting. I apologize for the quality of the larger photos--the textural changes in the imagry was difficult for my camera to keep focused:










I also tried working on another surface this year, canvas board. These are 12"x12" watercolors that have been spray varnished.





And, finally, my largest painting ever...so large I needed to make it a diptych to move it around! This watercolor
was specifically painted for a specific place and event--the Uncharted Water Show at the Hudson Healing
Hospital in Hudson, Wisconsin, sponsored by the Phipps Center for the Arts.